System won't boot from SSD

Hi, I have assembled my new system using an ASUS Pro Mobo, as well as a SSD and HD.

When the computer boots up it goes into a generic system screen which shows that I have drives installed, keyboard, mouse, etc. I can then press F1 and go to the bios which shows the following boot order: SSD, then the optical drive, but not the HD. I loaded up windows on my SSD and I can boot to it manually by clicking on the it from the boot menu...

I have also gone into the advanced mode of the bios and it also shows that the SSD is the first in line to boot from. Any ideas on what I am missing?

I am also happy to provide any additional information to help solve this issue. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Hey Scott..... been there done that ....this worked for me.

    1. Make sure your SSD is plugged into the lowest numbered SATA port, then HD, then optical.
    2. Reset all BIOS settings to default, save and exit
    3. Check BIOS for proper order on restart
  2. Ok - I will check the manual to check the current order and change the SATA ports as needed. I would have thought the ordering at the bottom of the BIOS EZ mode would have over-written the port order - guess I was wrong. LOL. Thanks for the suggestion and I will be back once I have given it a try.

    Well it turns out I had them in the 1, 2, 3 order already. I unplugged and replugged them in "just in case" - no luck. Any other ideas?
  3. If the above doesn't work, then first which Asus Pro? Always helps to know what one is working with as it could be a lot of different things depending on chipset, i.e. if it's the Z87, the mobo may well be on an old BIOS, the Z87s are new but believe the Pro is on it's 2nd or 3rd version of BIOS now...Also if your SSD uses a SandForce 1200 then there's a known issue with the Z87. (the 1200 isn't fully complient with SATA specifications. The Z87 also has tighter tolerance margins so the SATA cables can come into play
  4. I have the z87-Pro and the BIOS is revision 1007. I have a Samsung SSD 840 Pro, if that helps. I have not connected the new computer to the internet yet, but can if it is thought I need to update the BIOS from its current version.

    I checked the ASUS web site and I there has been a couple of updated to the BIOS. So now I need to figure out how to update that and see if it solves the issue. Any other ideas?
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    Yeah I would, think that was the original BIOS, wait's the BIOS page page:
  6. I still can't figure out how to update my BIOS and the ASUS web site is not really helping. I may have to wait until tomorrow when they are open and available. Once I figure that out, I can move on to see if it fixes the issue. :)

    If anyone has any other ideas beyond updating the BIOS I am all ears.

    Thanks, Scott
  7. Now I am having an issue getting my internet access to see the ethernet port... LOL. Always something. I have it hard wired from my router, not sure why it can't find it. Let me know if you have any suggestions for that (windows 7), and then I can update the BIOS to see if that was the issue.

    Thanks, Scott
  8. The way ya "supposed" to do BIOS updates is the the EZ flash utility tho many Asus enthusist MoBos let you use a another USB method

    However....I have used AI Suite's EZ Update to do BIOS flash via windows well over 100 times w/o a single failure.

    <your mileage may vary>

    1. Download latest BIOS. Save to HD
    2. Run EZ Update, pick BIOS file
    3. It reboots and it gets done.

    You MoBo manual should show you how to flash BIOS using BIOS EZ Flash utility

    See section 3.91, page 3-48 or so depending on version you have
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