my flash memory(64gb +usb3) default format is FAT32, I heard FAT32 has a limit of 32Gb, hows that possible?

patriot 64Gb usb 3.0 supersonic rage

i just bought it, when i right click on it in properties it says FAT32,
for formatting my only options are exFAT and NTFS
my 2nd question is:
is it recommended to use NTFS for large files transfer?
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  1. FAT32 does not have a limit of 32GB per se. It's just that the formatting tool in Windows cannot create a FAT32 volume larger than 32GB, so it's the formatting tool in Windows that imposes the 32GB limit, not FAT32 itself. However, many third-party formatting tools have no such limitation, and Windows is quite able to read and write to a FAT32 volume which is greater than 32GB, it just can't create one with it's own formatting tool.

    If your operating system is running on an NTFS volume, I recommend you choose NTFS for all storage devices too.
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