Asus Z87 Pro - unusual power/BIOS issue

I have a self-built PC, which has been working fine since it was built. This weekend though, for the first time, the PC was in sleep mode for 48 hours (normally it's in use every day). Pressing the power button did nothing. The PC appeared dead. I checked the motherboard and only the red power light was showing. Disconnected power supply, waited for a minute, reconnected, still nothing. By nothing I mean no fans, no status on the LED, nothing other than the red light showing the motherboard had power. After much pulling of cables, checking everything, in desperation I did a BIOS reset using the jumper. This WORKED - PC then booted just fine. The question is WHY? The PC was just sleeping, so it had power. I can't see this being a particularly common problem although a couple of others appear to have had similar symptoms. I know there are newer BIOS versions which I'll probably upgrade to, but I cant' readily see a full list of what's been fixed. Just looking for any suggestions as the PC is currently working.
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  1. It looks like a BIOS issue. Hard to say what happened. When you'll have the opportunity, test again.
  2. I am suspecting something to do with sleep mode, but need to do more testing. It's doing it all the time and only removing the power
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