many questions about new build :)

so im looking at buying alot of new parts for my pc and i just have a few things to ask :) any help is very much appretiated:
Can i get a motherboard that supports ddr2 and ddr3 ram?
Can i get a water cooling system that cools cpu and gpu all in one?
And finally will i need more than a 500w power supply to use a water cooler?
Any responses will be appreciated :)
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    1. Yes, my brother have dual channel motherboard which has 2 ddr2 slots and 2 ddr 3 slots.
    2. You can't get but you can make it. Custom built water cooling systems are expensive (about 200 dollars), a little bit hard to make but very effective. But make sure that you really need that.
    3. No you don't. Water cooling is just 2 fans and some water circulation, which aren't very power demanding.
  2. 1. Yes most modern motherboards support DDR3 out of the box.
    2. Yes but you will be paying big money for a full custom liquid loop. Those systems aren't cheap.
    3. What wattage PSU you buy depends on how many GPUs you plan to run. A single GPU will be around 500 - 550W. A second GPU will be around 750 - 850W. Three or more will require around 1K+.
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