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Graphics Card vs screen size and resolution

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September 15, 2013 1:49:32 PM

This is a general question since i'm starting to get back into gaming again:

I was looking at either a laptop for gaming or building a desktop. However, i want to be able to use it in the family room with the wife. Most laptops video cards (even gaming ones) have horrible benchmark data (i'm seeing the Nvidia GT 765M on the ones in my price point). Now I can get a really good processor that has a great bench mark. So to the question:

I want to be able to game on a laptop or small screen but I also have a 110 inch 3d projector in my theater room I can also connect to for gaming if I want (when wife isn't home, etc). If I got a beefy gaming laptop it would work fine i'm sure on the smaller screen or maybe at a lower resolution? What would happen trying to use my 110" screen with it?

Even being pointed to some articles to help me grasp this would be appreciated. There was a deal at Lenovo for an $800 gaming laptop which had the stats of $1300-$1500 competitors models and I really was thinking "wow I could use this and save money. But does this mean i'd never want to use it on a big screen?

Do I have to do a desktop to use that screen so I can get a "real" graphics card? That price was low enough I could even build a cheaper secondary desktop or something and upgrade later. Thoughts?

laptop deal was a lenovo y410p. I was potentially looking at $1300 or so Digital Storm Vanquish Tier 4 desktop statwise and pricewise. Hoping the experts could help me! THank you.
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September 15, 2013 2:02:58 PM

Projectors are different in the sense that screen size is a non issue since they are adjustable. Your projector will output the same amount of data regardless of how large the display size is. So think of it as a normal monitor.

If you're looking at spending 800-1500, buy a computer. It's a much more reasonable purchase if you're looking for great gaming capabilities, and it will give you much less to worry about.

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September 15, 2013 2:22:46 PM

Screen size has nothing to do with performance. It's the resolution that matters. A Radeon HD 5450 would perform just as poorly on a 13.3" 1080p screen, 24" 1080p screen or on a 55" projector screen at 1080p.

Regarding the GTx 765m, you can read up for more info and benchmark in the link below. The middle column of the page ranks the graphics cards / chip based on performance or at the very least specs if no benchmarks were done. The GTX 765m is at the lower end of Class 1 laptop graphics chips. It's ranking places it near equal to the desktop Radeon HD 7790 and GTX 460 graphic cards. It is faster than a Radoen HD 5770 and GTX 550 Ti.

Note in the game benchmark section you may see many FPS results. Click on the FPS number itself to see the specs of the laptop. For example, in Metro: Last Light at "High" settings (1366x768 (DX11), 16xAF, AA) the 33 FPS is from a MSI GE70 laptop while the 37 FPS is from an Asus G750JW laptop.