USB 3.0 very slow

New system MSI z87x GD65 Mobo
16GB corsair vengeance RAM

Transfering files is really slow. Transfering a 2.8GB file to a sandsisk cruzer 4GB flash drive does so at about 3MB/s. Transferring from the drive is about 16MB/s. When I plug the drive into a different computer that is on USB 2.0 the transfer from drive to disk is about 90MB/s and the transfer to drive from disk is about 60MB/s.

I have my front bay ports plugged into the USB 3.0 slot on the mobo.
Cant figure out why it is going so slow.
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  1. well a the flash drive has to be usb 3 cabable and b not all usb 3 flash drives are fast
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    Well as you may have read, the speed was different on two separate computers so it is not the flash drive.


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