Should I upgrade my Mobo/CPU or GPU? Quick help please

Currently have a ASUS mobo with 2.0 PCI express slots with a i5 2500k. The motherboard does not allow sli/xfire. Would it be wise to upgrade to a i7 4770k with a motherboard that supports SLI/xfire. OR keep my system and upgrade my HD 7950 for a GTX 780. I really want to lean away from AMD products and stick to intel/nvidia but can hold off on that until the GTX 800 line is out in Q1 2014.

Also I was looking at MSI Z87-G45 Gaming LGA 1150 with its 2200 killer NIC,

Any input?
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    The 2500k is still a very capable processor and while there are some technology improvements between it and the i5-4670k you would gain more by upgrading to the GTX 780 and as a matter of fact I would go for the Evga GTX 780 Classified, some of the benchmarks I have seen put it almost equal with the GTX Titan.
    With gaming the single most important part is the video card. By upgrading to the 780 Classified you can skip the 800 series and actually take your setup to the next CPU release and do the whole thing over with Broadwell and the Nvidia 900 series if that's the next one after the 800 series.

    The Killer Nic is not a game changer and I have had motherboards with it built in and as a separate pci-e card and while you can set some of the functions manually I saw no real difference by using one. As a matter of fact I have the card sitting in a box on the shelf and not being used. I tend to like the Intel server cards either built in or separate card since it allows for teaming.
  2. The 7950 is still a great card. I would stick with it and get a new CPU, and then when money allows a new GPU.
  3. I agree I was thinking the 7950 could hold me over until GTX 800 series comes out I would be happy. I know the Killer Nic isn't a game changer, but I play competitive and even if its a 0.002% increase in performance I would be happy.

    But I also agree that I would probably notice a bigger difference upgrading to a gtx 780 then my i5 2500k to an i7 4770k.
  4. No point upgrading the 2500k. Its still more than enough for games, especially with an overclock.
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