Did I fry 2 hard drives?

I wanted to run a data destruction app on 4 old HD's and recklessly used a modular power cable from my new Corsair with a 5 or 6 year old Thermaltake Toughpower 700w. The 2 hard drives connected to the new cable didn't show up so I disconnected them. Later I tried those 2 HD's on the power cable that did work. Neither shows up. Also, if I old them in my hand during start up I don't feel any thing (and normally I think it is easy to notice when the platters start spinning). So should I throw these away now or is there anything else to try?

They are 1gb drives and still somewhat useful. If there is a chance to save them I would like to try.
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  1. hey,

    If you reversed the polarity by using the wrong type of cable, and they don't spin up it is likely that you fried something. If they are fried then there is not much you can do on your own.

    Hopefully you didn't lose anything critical.
  2. I just tried to feel the platters spin in a Western Digital drive that I know works and I could not feel it. Apparently my hands are sensitive enough to feel the platters spin in Seagate but not a WD LOL. So they could be spinning but they are not getting detected at boot up. Is there a utility I can run?
  3. Hi, if you eject a hdd (removeable ahci) and physically pick a spinning drive up you will feel how awkward it feels to twist and rotate in your hand. I'm not sure what the physics term is but you will feel that it rotates easily on one axis and not in another, almost like it's resisting. It's an odd feeling.

    Also, when you just power up a drive you can kind of hear it make a high pitch noise as its motor starts to spin up the discs to 5400rpm.

    When you tested to see if they 'showed up' did you check in BIOS or in windows? Discs not activated in windows will not appear except in disk manager, as they are not assigned a drive letter. Right click computer, click manage and then select disk manager. But better yet, check your BIOS to see what it can detect.
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    The most common result of reversed polarity is a shorted 5V TVS diode.


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  5. fzabkar said:
    The most common result of reversed polarity is a shorted 5V TVS diode.


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    Thanks a lot! I'm going to try this!
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