I know the topic is touchy - but I need help with search in Windows

Hi, I would like to say I have read about search for about 2 hours and I am no closer to finding an answer. In fact I think one might not exist so I am posting and hoping to be wrong.

Windows 7 search seems to be liked better than Windows XP search by people that appreciate the speed. That is not me...

I care about the options: being able to chose file types (yes sometimes I am looking for folders and not the files in them), file sizes, fire names, text contained in file, etc.

Super Finder XT and File Search EX are similar to windows XP search but with less detail and less accuracy. Umm.... That's a bad tradeoff. I need accuracy.

If anyone knows how to help me thank you thank you thank you!
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    All versions of Windows (XP excepted) come with a crappy search tool. I use "Agent Ransack", it's much faster and more intuitive to use than anything Microsoft has come up with:
  2. I really didn't have a reason to use search before XP (I was a kid) so I was unaware. I'll try agent ransack, thanks!
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