How to install Windows 8 with no Windows CD or DVD drive

I recently bought the Lenovo Y510P laptop, stock it has a 1TB 5,400rpm hard drive which is cripplingly slow so I purchased a Samunsg 840 Pro 256GB SSD to replace it. My only issue is Lenovo didn't include a physical disc and the laptop doesn't have a dvd drive. I've heard of ways of copying the OS as an image and putting it on a flash drive, external hard drive, etc... I just can't figure out how to do it correctly. If anyone on here is experienced with this process or knows of a tutorial on how to do it I would appreciate it very much.

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  1. microsoft has a iso to usb tool that will make a flash drive bootable with windows iso its quick and easy. Its called windows 7 usb dvd download tool it should work with 8
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    That tool simply formats the drive to ntfs (which windows can already do) and unpacks the iso. The iso part is the important part of why it won't work for him because he does not have a windows iso.

    Here's how to make recovery media from your existing windows 8 install which can then be used to install it on blank media. So you'll have to put the hdd back in, create the recovery then put the ssd in to install it on there. This would be better than cloning the hdd to the ssd.
  3. Looks pretty simple, thank you k1114 for finding this!
  4. Well I tried the method listed by Lenovo step by step. I backed it up to the flash drive, swapped out the HD with the SSD, booted up from the USB. It started and it gets to around 40% every time then stops and comes up with an error saying "there was a problem resetting the PC". I've tried it over and over, even deleted it off the flash drive and started the whole process again with the same results. Any suggestions?...
  5. So, fragr, did you succeed?
    I am having similar problem, i.e. without physical CD/DVD drive present in the system, windows XP setup from USB (used win2flash to make it) goes up to the point when it starts checking for actual CD/DVD drive and stops there not finding it (ASMS not found error). I did not find any way around it but installing a physical drive in the system.
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