New build, ~1200 gaming and htpc

Hey, I plan on building a new desktop since my laptop has been on its last legs for about 5 years now. I would like something that can actually play games, and not stutter during movies haha.

I'm not quite sure on this build anymore, as I'm indecisive to start with and have read some bad things about the mobo and gpu. I'd appreciate any input.

Case: CM Storm Trooper

Cpu: I5-3570k (just in case I want to OC in the future

Gpu: Asus Gtx 660 ti (is the bandwidth really that bad?)
Mobo: Gigabyte Ud5h

Asrock Extreme6

Psu: XFX Pro750W XXX

I can figure the rest out after I get the basics straightened out. I'd like to have room for at least 4 hard drives (two of which will be ssd's), and I'm undecided on whether or not to sli/crossfire. Pay now for a good card or later for a second, is that basically the choice?

I'll probably get 2x8gb ram to start so I can more easily max it out later ( just preference). I'm using a higher psu than I need just so I have room for expansion without wasting the one I already bought. I just like the case :) I plan on using win7.

Any recomendations?
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    Everything looks good though you can save some extra cash by getting the ASRock Xtreme4 instead of 6. XFX 750w should be good for now if your only using 1 GPU and still have headroom for OC'ing and extra hardwares. Gtx 660 ti is a beast of a card and will max out almost all games out there except for a few exceptions namely Crysis3 and Metro. Though i would suggest to get the Gtx 760 > 660ti due to its a newer and much more powerful card to maxout your gaming needs. I have a gtx 660ti and im planning to SLI. Other than that your rig looks good.
  2. Thank you for the input. I figured since right now the Extreme4 and 6 are basically the same price I would just get the 6. Do you have any recommendations as to what sound card? I have an onkyo 5.1 system, I suppose I could just use an hdmi cord, but would that give me the best sound quality?
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