Huge Issue - Keyboard/Desktop problem

My OS is windows 7 (just to point it out there)

Well, I have no idea what just happened, I was bored and using Cheat Engine on a small game, and well, the game stopped responding, And I exited the game, But after I did that, For some unknown reason it has caused some type of issue that prevents me from typing.

For an example:
I can't type like, A, B, C, D i couldn't do anything at all, It just makes the normal sound that it would make if it doesn't work (like a dinging type noise)
Also, the desktop icons, every time i attempt to click the icon (it brings up the shortcut file of the program) instead of the program itself, this includes everything like chrome, my computer, league, etc, It won't open with a left click, I have to actually right click the program to open it, then (back to the example about typing) I can't type anything.

Things i have tried:
- Resetting the computer
- Deleting the game that i used CE with and CE as-well
- Pulling out my keyboard plug, and putting it back in.

Nothing is working, and I am out of ideas, Because sadly I haven't got a a on-board keyboard to do anything, so whatever I have to do to fix it so far looks like I have no choice but to click.

(Using the laptop out in the lounge-room to post this)
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