Club3D 7870 XT Tahiti LE or Gigabyte Radeon HD 7950 windforce

Hi guys!

I sell these cards for swap my hd 6870. The club 3d with 2 months of use for 160 €. It cost € 220 new.

The hd 7950 for € 220 with 10 days of use. purchased at this store.

My pc:

i5 2500k
asrock z77 prro 3
hd 6870
antec silent pro 850w
noctua ub9 se2
antec twelve hundred v3
g-skill ripjaws 1600 pc 12800 8gb (4x2gb)

What do you recommend? Some different from that store? the gtx 760?

I wish I could stremear and play at the same time. at least 720p and constant fps.

My line is 100mb download and 10mb upload..

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  1. Spend the money and get the 7950
  2. The 2 are almost the same
  3. gtx 760 < 7950¿??
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