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Hallo everyone, i need info on power consumption please! I want to know if my ups will cope with my system.

Im considering to buy a:
Corsair 650watt psu.
motherboard: Gigabyte G1 sniper B5
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660
RAM: Corsair 8 gig 1600mhz

DVD ROM: 1 Dvd/cd rw rom

About 6 120mm Led fans.

I have a blaser 1200va ups and want to know if this ups will cope with this pc build?

I think the ups is rated 600watts

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  1. Your system will not use anything close to 600w. 350w is probably the most it will use under load.
  2. Having had a bit of experience with ups's, i would say you need 350w to 450w. frankly, i wouldnt skimp on it, so try getting one that is slightly larger than you need.
  3. oky then my ups i have will work, i have a ups va1200 think its rated 600watts
  4. @tiny voices, i used the power supply calculater i found in a thread in this forum. the minimum it gives me is 550watt power supply
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    Yes, buy your system will not suck anything like that, IT will use 350w max under full load.

    Those calculators are designed to give TONS of overhead for people buying poor quality PSUs.
  6. oky, before i posted here i did research on my components wattage
    intel corei5 4670 =84watts
    nvidia geforce gtx660 =140watts
    i think that is the only two components sucking much power, i dont know what the motherboard wattage is
  7. That is all the power the system will use. The HDD will use like 15w Thats all.

    As stated, your system will not use much power at all.
  8. okay thanks, i dont want to overload my psu or ups

    are you into gaming?
  9. Yes I am into gaming. Your PSU will be plenty. WAY more than enough. I have used a 500w PSU with a way more power hungry gpu than your gtx660.
  10. The reason im asking is: will this gpu be fine?
  11. i mean for gaming
  12. It will not play games at max but should run most games at high settings at 1080p.
  13. OKY, Now what is the difference in performance in gtx650ti boost, gtx660 and gtx 660ti?
  14. The 660ti is the best and will be slightly better than the 660. The 650ti boost is worse than the 660.
  15. What CPU is also good besides the one i want to buy? i want to see if i can go a bit cheaper?
  16. Just get an i5 4430 and a cheaper motherboard.
  17. really? i want a better gpu, if i get a cheaper motherboard and cheaper cpu, with a better gtx gpu, will it perform better in games than my current plan?
  18. Yes it will perform alot better in games. Gaming is 80% gpu and only 20% CPU. You always want a very good gpu. The CPU can be lowered to have a better gpu.
  19. Get the i5 4430 and a b85 motherboard. Use the saved money to get a gtx 760 or hd7950
  20. okay thanks for the advice, last question, i am going to buy the parts end of the month, it's on special, im going to buy the gpu next month, what i want to know is will pci express 2 card work in a pci express 3 slot?
  21. Yes, it will work fine.
  22. Awesome
  23. Afternoon, i just want to know if a Cooler Master GX 650 is a good psu?
  24. Not really, no. Coolermaster does not make quality PSUs.
  25. Try go for a Seasonic, or Corsair
  26. im thinking of corsair, the one i can get i corsair 650vs. I searched for reviews, looks like its an entry level psu, will this work or should i go for corsair 800 watt gameing series psu?
  27. Go for the 650. Will save you a bit and an 800 is just a waste for this rig
  28. even if it is an entry level corsair?
  29. Honestly I would get an XFX 550w unit. But, the Corsair will be fine.
  30. hmm, power supplies confuses me a lot
  31. is antec quality psu makers?
  32. Yes, Antec makes good PSUs.
  33. okay, i got a pricelist with anec psu's will check them out, thanks for all the help so far
  34. damn two other makes, what about huntkey and aerocool?
  35. Both of those are NO good at all. Stay away from them. Unless it is an Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, XFX, PC Power and Cooling. Stay away from it.
  36. Oky so i have narrowed it down to two psu's CORSAIR Gamingseries gs600 and Corsair Gaming Series GS800
    My ups is a 600watt, will it be fine with this build even if i take the 800watt psu? Im still considering a Corsair CX 750. Its a bit Cheaper, but want to know about the ups. The reason why i have a ups on my system is we have many power dips in our area the last 5 months, When the power dip certain items in the house turns off and suddenly on again, example my fish tanks equipment turns off for 1sec and suddenly back on, some of our lights just dimms and brighten up after seonds, now i know that is not good for a computer!!
  37. I would get the gs600. Your build has no need for more than 500w so an 800w PSU would be pointless. Your system will not ever use 600w or even anything close to it, so you will be perfectly fine with your current UPS.
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