Graphic card 'eat' 3GB of RAM memory?

Hi everyone,

I bought new laptop few days ago. Here is specification:">http://

I instaled Windows7 Profesional and i it says that I have 6,00GB instaled (2,91 usable) of RAM memory. It seams that my graphic cards are using 3GB of RAM. I tried to find a way to dedicate less of RAM to graphic but i coud't find settings for that (BIOS,Windows settings, Control Panels of graphic). Does someone know how can i do that? Here are screenshoots:

I am sorry for my english.
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  1. I dose not work like that thats a windows thing windows 7 eats RAM make sure you have the latest up dates and service packs.
  2. You're using a 32-bit version of Win7 which can only access 3GB. You'll need to reinstall Windows using the 64-bit version to be able to access all of your RAM.

    Unfortunately, Microsoft have cripped the 32-bit versions of their consumer operating systems so that they can unly use 3GB of RAM. 32-bit versions of Windows Server and Linux can access up to 64GB using a feature of x86 processors called Physical Addressing Extension (PAE). It's not as efficient as direct 64-bit addressing but it works.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :)

  3. Dam my bad I did not even look I just assumed it was 64-bit so but what mollets said is you only option
  4. Get a 64 bit OS, and you'll see all the memory.
  5. Thanks! :)
    I will install 64-bit Windows 7 and see if it works.
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