Hi, I have a dell optiplex 7010 with 64bit windows and whenever I restart I am now getting blue screen with this error.
Here is the link to minidump on skydrive.
I have updated all the drivers and bios from dell website. Please advise if there is anything which needs fixing.
Thank you
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More about bsod page fault nonpaged area problem

    It relates to a block of system memory that windows reserves for it`s self and its sole use.

    The two types are a paged pool file, and a non paged pool file.
    Both mean you have a problem with windows accessing the memory address of the system memory or ram.

    If the error is frequent, like say every time the computer, or a session in windows is used it is a sign that the memory is beginning to fail producing the errors windows is reporting.

    Use windows memory test, to check for errors of the memory ram modules.

    If presented with errors replace the ram or memory module in the system.
  2. Yeah, almost certainly a RAM error. I recommend running memtest86+ for a few passes to see if it picks up any failures.

    Also could be the HDD, though I'd doubt it; this BSOD is almost always due to bad RAM.
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