Please help. My PC is freezing at logo screen start up Win 7 (no logo appears)

So let me explain my issue:

My computer works just fine. But if I install or uninstall any programs that require a restart on the ssd (where i also store my OS), and I immediately hit restart, my PC will crash/freeze at the logo screen. The logo screen does not even show up. That is when I have to restart the computer manually by pressing the power button. And then the next issue comes out.

When the windows comes to the screen where I am either suggested to start a startup repair (recommended) or just start the computer normally, my wired usb dell keyboard is not working. I have tried reset the computer, unplug the usb keyboard, or use other usb keyboards, but none of them worked. Then I use the PS/2 keyboard, and i am able to select either launch a start up repair or start the pc normally. Until I reach the login screen, my wired usb will be recognized. And then I can start and use the computer properly. the new installment is working.

I am wondering either the ssd where I store my OS or the msi mobo cause me the issues.

My OS is stored on a crucial 250gb ssd.

So here is the brief description of my issues

This is my system:
Intel core i7 - 4770k
Z87 MSI mpower max (MSI-7815)
8gb G.skill 2133 DDR3
Radeon HD 6570
250gb mukshin SSD
1tb seagate barracuda hhd
xspc water cooler
rosewill 1000W PSU

Please help. thanks so much

additional info: I notice that if i store the programs on ssd, the computer will freeze at logo screen. then i have to reset it and choose start normally. after that, the computer works properly. So maybe the problem is from the ssd?
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  1. Have you tried a fresh install of windows? I know it sucks but it's the easiest way to solve the problem without going through every program or driver you have and trying to figure out which one is messing with your OS. Unless you happen to know approx. when the problem started to occur and you could go from there on what you've installed around that time.
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