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my computer turns of instantly (no blue screen, no error message). I am fairly sure that this problem is not power related because I have tested my GPU with fermark. I also used CPUID to see if my computer overheats. It doesn't to look like that is happening. It also more then often happens when I play games like BF3.... so I think that it might have something to do with that. I was also thinking that the PSU has something to do with it. When I moved from America to England I plugged in my computer and my PSU blew up because of the hight voltage. I then got my PSU replaced and about 2 months after that this started occurring.

I dont know what the problem is. It would be great if anyone could help
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  1. Maybe when the 220V kills the PSU, the current also somehow passed though the power supply to demage the other pc parts like the MB. Do you check the capacitors on the MB? Or do you test the GPU or CUP in other PC? Because it is hard to know which part was demage or something else.
  2. An easy way to check if its power supply or not is check your Event Viewer.
    If there isn't an event log when the PC shuts down, then its most likely power related.
    If there is an event log, then its system hardware, or software related (and the message can give you a hint of whats going on too)
    Also check your main drive for a mini dump as well.

    If a power supply goes bad, it can often damage motherboards (the next place that current goes) and rare occasions motherboards. Its hard to test a motherboard with out replacing it... but you can always return the new board if that isn't the issue (with a restocking fee of course)
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