P8Z77-V LX Ethernet Drivers

Hello, i just built my own computer with this motherboard ASUS P8Z77-V LX,
I was using a wireless adapter at home but now im at University the wireless is terrible so i was to start using wired..
But looking at my drivers, I havent got ethernet adapters installed, so does anyone know where you get these drivers from off the internet?
And I haven't got the disc that I got on purchase...
Any help would be great
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  1. davedurg09 said:

    Which one is the ethernet one though?
    And Im missing my BUS controller too....
    Sorry im useless when it comes to this stuff...
  2. Sorry forgot to reply to this one, cant believe no one else jumped in to help you.

    Click that link, select your OS and then on the next page expand the LAN section and download the top driver "Realtek LAN Driver"

    As for the Bus Controller, I think this is part of the chipset drivers not 100% sure but I would expand the Chipset section and download the "Intel Chipset Driver"
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