AMD Display Driver has stopped working and has recovered (Laptop, W7)

I've been getting this error several times a day now. Sometimes it'll recover but other times it'll BSOD.

I dropped my laptop maybe 4 days ago. It landed closed and flat on the back of the lid so I figure it was probably a good place to land if I had to choose. The battery popped out as well.

I've noticed visual artifacts will occur whenever I get the AMD Display driver has stopped working message. My screen will freeze except the mouse, and then after a few seconds it'll refresh and everything will be fine except for the AMD Display driver message. Occasionally I'll BSOD, but it hasn't happened since I changed my graphics card to maximize battery life

As for specs
Windows 7 64 bit(Lenovo Y560)
Core i5-2410M @ 2.30 GHz
6gb RAM
AMD Radeon HD6570m

Things I've tried
>Turning off transparencies/Aero peek
>Decreasing the amount of performance my graphics card gets (this has helped sort of, I noticed I'm not BSOD'ing)
>Memory Diagnostic (RAM)
>Updated my video card driver

I'm not quite sure how to open minidump files or upload them for that matter.

Anyways, thank you for any help you offer me.
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    I have found a few things that helped this issue on older pc's. If the issue is due to gpu being overloaded and not damaged from the drop, this may help.

    1. Change to Win 7 Basic theme to disable all aero effects

    2. Enable software rendering in internet options (1st check box on the advanced tab)
  2. i do have some dump files but i'm not quite sure how to access them.

    also i do think it helped a bit though it's not like i've even spent a day using my computer.

    edit: so something else i've noticed. the problem seems to happen in succession with a few minutes inbetween usually. could this be because of a damaged fan causing it to overheat? i noticed that if i lower the performance on my card i dont bsod anymore (but still get screen freezes). i also have a few screws that have become undone inside my laptop (that you can hear if you move it around).
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