how to know what directx my gpu can support

hello all again, just curious as to know if there is a way to know what directx my gpu is compatible with, i have a ATI/AMD Radeon 6450 HD
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    DX11. But its a VERY low end GPU and is not really powerful enough to even run DX10 titles and some DX9, not to mention DX11.
  2. The above is correct, but also of note: If you are still running Windows XP, you are still limited to DirectX 9.0c. With a bit of registry modifications, you can get DirectX11 to work on Windows Vista.

    -Wolf sends
  3. The 6450 is DX11, but realistically does not have enough power to run most DX11 games at reasonable settings. As Wolf said, WinXP only supports DX9.
  4. aah bummer, well thank you all for the feedback :) much appreciated.
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