I installed latest firmware for my optical drive and it still will not function in windows 8, is there a hybrid driver that wi

I installed Windows 8 Pro upgrade a long time ago and I keep coming back to wanting to use my optical drive. Its a TSSTcorp TS-H653B DVD+-RW drive. I have tried the microsoft fix's and there is not a upper or lower filters entry in the registry. I did the Admin command prompt trick to get the computer display the drive and it is clickable, i.e. it says the drive is working normally and has the most up to date driver installed. No matter what media I put in, i.e. blank CD or DVD, PC CD Game or DVD game, music backups, etc, etc. The machine pops out said good media and says "insert a disc". I have been contemplating re-installing Windows 7 out of pure frustration over this simple matter that Microsoft apparently can't resolve with yet another broken OS. If I didn't play online games that I needed Windows for, I would probably be a linux geek and say goodbye to Microsoft forever, but they have me over the barrel as they say, anyway, google has been shwing the same results for months about this matter, is there any smart people here at Tom's that can help this poor middle aged computer geek out? Thanks in advance for any help or insights into my problem. If you need any screen shots, please feel free to email me.
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  1. Does the drive work in Linux? If not the drive laser is probably dead and that eliminates if it's Windows or not. Or if you put a Windows disc in does it start to install?
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