Phenom x6 1100t @ 4.0ghz - More fps only using 4 cores.

So I tried something simply as a test out of boredom.

the specs of the system
Phenom x6 1100t @ 4.0ghz
XFX 6870 oc 985mhz
Corsair Dominator 8gb @ 1333ghz

I ran a benchmark with all 6 cores on a game only using 2-4 cores. I then disabled 2 cores in the bios and I reran the benchmark. I seen higher fps. The game benchmark was for dirt 3. I see 37 average fps jump to 42fps with 2 cores disabled. I ran it a few times to test it. I am just experimenting and only playing around. But does this mean I d see gains in all games? Since no game uses all 6 cores. Why does this happen? And should I keep only 4 cores active since I dont video edit anymore or use many multithread programs? Thanks in advanced.
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  1. I am thinking I should have tested it on more then one game.
  2. Some programs are better optimized to use more cores. So if you are able to achieve a higher OC with some cores disabled, and the game wasn't using them anyway then yes you should see improvement. Results would vary widely from game to game I think.
  3. since you overclock, I would think by disable 2 cores it run cooler.
  4. Rgd1101 I didnt even think of that your right. It should also be more stable.
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    It actually has to do with the windows task scheduler and core parking. The game runs better when it isn't jumping around all six cores.
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