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I am having some troubles getting my pc to send audio to my surround sound system I have both my cable box and computer hooked up through hdmi and then to the receiver my cable boxes audio works perfectly and even the video for the pc works fine too. My problem is the audio for the PC will not come through I've tried to change the out put device but, AMD HDMI output states it is "not plugged in" Please help! This is my last piece to get my home theater going. I really wanted to be able to use my iTunes over my surround.

ATI Radeon 4600 HD dvi output adapted to HDMI
Yamaha RX- v363
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    you need to use the special ati hdmi adapter that came with the card, no other adapter will work with the dvi port and output sound to hdmi.

    right click the audio icon in the system tray and select playback devices, select the hdmi audio on the list and click set as default and then select configure, change it to surround output and full range speakers.

    then click properties for the hdmi audio and select the advanced tab and change the default format to 24 bit 192khz or 32bit 192khz depending on what your amp supports.
  2. Mine did not come with one as far as I know guess i'm SOL any reason why the one that came with it would work and this wouldn't....
  3. Disaster averted, aux cable out from line out on pc into aux-in into receiver. VGA looks better then HDMI indefinitely anyway. Thanks!!! Anything I should know about setting other then what you stsated when using aux for 5.1
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