Help needed withcase connectors and motherboard

Hello to everyone,

I bought a zalman z9 plus and a asus p8h61 motherboard.

This is a link to the motherboard image:

My problem is that there are so many connectors coming out of the case. 4 are for usb 2 which i plugged into points marked 1 and 2.

Here are the issues i am having:

[1] I have two audio cables coming out of the case. one is marked Hd Audio and the other one is AC 97. but i only have 1 slot on my motherboard, marked 4 on the motherboard picture above. as i do not have any external sound card, which of the 2 cables should i plug in?

Here is the image of the 2 cables:

[2] there are 5 cables marked 'power led -', 'power led +', 'power sw', 'hdd led' and 'reset sw'

image for above:

this image is marked 5 on the motherboard picture:

Lets take the cabled marked hdd led. i am assuming this one goes into the pins market IDE_led in the picture from the manual. but how do i know which side is + and which side is -?

[3] I am correct in assuming that this is where the connectors for the external fan plug into?

image for above:

there are 2 connectors. i holding 1 in my hand, the second one is just below that joined by the same cable. the cable coming out of the second connector is connect to one of the power cables coming out of the PSU.

any help with this will be appreciated. if you need more pictures please let me know.
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  1. 1. The two audio cables are so you can use an older motherboard (AC 97) or a newer one (HD audio), use HD audio.

    2.Your motherboard manual will have a picture showing you exactly where to put each one.

    3.Yes, those are for fans, if connected to the PSU, they'll just run the fans at 100% speed, plug them into the motherboard headers instead if you have enough of them.
  2. You plug the HD Audio.
    See if on the HDD connector there's an arrow. That's +. Don't wory about not connecting them right, the led would not work and you would switch.
    You connect the 3 pin to one of the board's fan headers, for controlling the speed. If connected directly to the PSU, it would always spin at full speed (no control).

    EDIT: Already answered.
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    1. I would connect the "HD AUDIO" cable.

    2. POWER LED+ goes with POWER LED+ and POWER LED- goes with POWER LED-.

    For the HDD LED, do you see a G(ground)? Ground is negative.
    Connect - to - and + to +.
    If it doesn't work, you could simply switch it without doing any harm.

    3. This is fine. It is called "daisy chaining".

    You can power fans from PSU or motherboard. I tend to prioritize to the motherboard first.
  4. Thank you all for your prompt replies!

    [1] i plugged in hd audio.

    [2] the cables marked 'power led -' and 'power led +' do have the +/- sign on them. but the cabled marked 'power sw' has no such markings. neither does 'hdd led' and 'reset sw'. but if it will not cause any harm, i will experiment with these and if they do not work i will simply switch them.

    also, if you look at this image : , i have no cable that would plug into the 4 pins marked 'speaker' (just above 'reset' and 'power sw') is it normal for these pins to remain empty?

    [3] i plugged my fan header into it but i noticed something odd. the connector from the fan has 3 holes. but the connector in which they plug into only had 2 pins. i checked both of the connectors and they only had 2 pins. is this normal?
  5. 2. Speakers are useful for error codes, and other audio information.

    3. This is fine. The 3 pin will work in 2 pin slot.
  6. the third pin is to report fan speed, many time if you're using a splitter, or running off of the PSU, there will be a 2 pin will run just fine.
  7. Thank you for the clarification cars.
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