Can i use a beta graphics card from to play black ops 2

Recently i bought bo2 for pc. And ofcorse i don't have the right video card/graphic card. Can i download a beta card and will it work??
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  1. It will work for sure. However, you might experience issues/bugs since it is a beta version, and not a release version.
  2. Wait can you possibly send me a link for one?
  3. Provide me with the name of your graphics card. Also, what current version do you have?
    I would stick with the latest release unless you must update.
  4. Uh all i know is the graphics card is a intel hd family which is basically built into the motherboard...
  5. Okay so i clicked beta drivers on the website chose 600's and clicked download
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    I think there is a misunderstanding here. Let me explain.

    An actual graphics card looks like this:
    These are mostly made by AMD or Nvidia.

    You have something called an integrated chipset, or integrated graphics, which is with the CPU, forming an APU.

    As you can see, the first one is different from the second. You must have the actual card in order to install the drivers.
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