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Hello everyone, I have a simple question for those of you who really know your GPUs. Which one should I get out of the two listed below? I want to run next gen games such as BF4 on one monitor on at least medium settings at 60 FPS. I will be running 8gb ram and an AMD FX8350. Which card is the better bang for the buck?
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  1. dont wait to much get the 7970 at this price and it will be a lot better then 670
  2. you can get the gtx 760
    its the same performance as the gtx 670 but 50$ cheaper at the moment
  3. Gaming performance is pretty close for the two (though the 7970 is more powerful for compute and pretty much everything), in which case bang for the buck comes down to which you can find for less bucks. The 7970 does comes with 3 games though which lowers the effective bucks quite a bit...

  4. There's the numbers
  5. HEY! come on boys the 7970 he chosen is 100$ reduced of the original price.... thats a bargain
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    Here are some benchmarks.
    You can be your own judge.
    In my experience, the 670 will perform better then the 7970 in BF3 and BF4. Anything else and the 7970 pulls ahead.
    BUT, I would not recommend the 670. Get a 760. The performance is basically the same but the 760 is around 50$ cheaper.

    Cheers :)
  7. I would recommend the 7970, it used to be around 670 performance but newer drivers have allowed it to pull way ahead. Also Bf4 is a gaming evolved title so the 7970 will (unfortunately) be better supported.
  8. Yes, but then nVidia came out with their new drivers .... and the frame pacing in latest drivers has had a negative effect on fps.
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