Computer freezing at startup in the motherboard splash screen

A few days ago my computer froze at start up on the gigabyte splash screen (the one with press delete to enter bios, etc). At first i didn't think anything of it and just reset the computer and it started fine. It did this again and I have no idea what it could be. My OS is saved on my ssd. This is the rest of my system if it helps.
Intel i5-3570k @ stock
gigabyte ga z77x-d3h
corsair 2x4gb LP ram
Asus gtx 670 @ +175/6600
samsung 840 pro 120gb
seagate barracuda 1tb
corsair hx850
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  1. Windows-8?
  2. Windows 7 home editions, sorry left that out.
  3. Samsung Magician 4.2.1~

    Firmware upgrades, Maximum performance optimizer, speed test....SSD
  4. Firmware is up to date. I ran the performance benchmarks everything is above the lines except for the random write (IOPS) which is 38,478 out of 90,000. I also have it set for maximum performance.
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    Thank you, Still freeze? Double check cables & connectors, see if there "home" or working it's way out.

    Go into bios and Check boot order.
  6. Ok i think it stopped freezing and it seemed to make my computer slightly faster with the performance optimization. The only thing is that my random write speeds are half of what they should be.
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