Looking for FM2 Mini-ITX Mobo for Budget Gaming/HTPC Build

I'm interested in building a HTPC/2nd Gaming Rig. I've decided on using the coolermaster elite 120 case and CM extreme plus 550w psu. (Caught pretty good deals on both) I also have a hdd already. My plan is to also use the A-10 6800k apu, hence why I need the FM2 mobo. I was given some Gskill sniper series 2x4gb ram (F3-17000CL11D-8GBSR) that I'm trying to find a FM2 mini ITX mobo to put it in. It's 2133mhz, all of the mobos I see that are FM2 don't say anything about 2133 mhz. Any Advice is helpful! Thanks!

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  2. Is the 85x chipset worth spending the extra $20 bucks on?
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