Computer is crashing but not blue screen of death.

I have no idea what could be wrong with it. No hint of failure of any kind. Randomly started happening today. have had all my parts since may 2012.

Corsair 500R case
Gigabyte UD5H motherboard
EVGAGeForce 560ti
Intel i5-2500k
Corsair 750W psu
CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB)

Like I said, nothing that could hint towards any idea of me knowing what could be going wrong with my computer.

Watching LoL world finals, get linked a youtube video. Watched about 20 seconds of it; Boom, computer crashes. Check event viewer, get: (Safe Link) and google how to fix it. I fix that problem, where it doesnt occur in the event log anymore BUT i will still crash any time I go to browse youtube. i thought youtube was the problem until i wasnt even on youtube and my computer crashed during a Worlds game on twitch. Unsure of what to do at this point, but go to you guys to help think of something to fix it. :)
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  1. have you tried using a different browser, the issues seem to be related to video streaming.

    also disable automatic reboot on error. you may be getting a BSOD however it disappears to quick to notice it.

    Right Click My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Under Startup and Recovery click Settings -> untick the box for automatic restart
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