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New Build, Reboots Either Almost Immediately or After 5 Seconds, No Signal to Monitor

Last response: in Systems
September 16, 2013 11:05:20 PM

I have a new build that's been causing some trouble. It has the above symptoms. I have checked the ram and they work, the motherboard is fine (or so I think) because I just had a rma on it for no post no led. I have checked the lga socket for bent pins; none. What I noticed was that when the cpu was out there was no reboot after 5 seconds. please help, thanks.

Corsair Carbide 300r
Intel 4670k @stock w/stock cooler
Msi z87-g45
Pny xlr8 8gb 1600mhz
Crucial Ballistix Sport 8gb 1600mhz
Intel 520 180gb ssd
Western Digital WD green 1tb
Windows 8 oem (not installed yet)
Msi n760 tf 2gd5/oc gtx 760 OC
Cooler Master rs850 Silent pro m2
September 16, 2013 11:14:42 PM

Try running with just one stick of ram to see if you are able to at least post.

Best solution

a b C Monitor
September 16, 2013 11:40:02 PM

do the following in roughly this order.

first try to load it with 1 stick of ram, if that ram doesn't work, try the other, then try them in different slots on the motherboard.

make sure your motherboard isn't grounding out, there isn't anything behind the board touching it


pull out the pci-e video card and try to load it with just the onboard video.

try another psu

return the motherboard as defective.
a b C Monitor
September 16, 2013 11:46:27 PM

I need to ask do you get one short beep when the board boots.

Mixed memory.
App ballistics runs on 1.5v
Pny needs 1.65 v yes it`s small but it can have strange effects if under volted.

The board is in conflict setting the voltages right.
That is always why you buy a matched pair same speed and brand.

Like said if it works with just one kit of memory.
Then you have a conflict between the two types when fitted.
Through voltage required, speed, latency 9-9-9-24

Now if you do get one beep, but it shuts down after 5 seconds. then it can relate to the cpu overheating.
Meaning the board is shutting down to protect it from burning the cpu out.
So it means the cpu cooler may not be mounted right.
Double check it is seated right.