Need Help with choosing a monitor.

Hi, I'm finally breaking down and buying a new monitor. Im currently using a panasonic panamedia which is a really old non flat screen monitor. So i was wondering what kind of monitor would be a great monitor for watching movies/shows and playing Games (I play MMORPG's and RTS games). I am kinda new at shopping for monitors and my budget is 400 dollars, might be able to spend a bit more if its worth it. Forgot to mention that im looking for a 24" or higher monitor. Any input will be appreciated.
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  1. With that Budget , I think you could get a IPS Monitor.
  2. check out the DELL U2312HM
  3. The dell seemed all right, but someone i know suggested this monitor http:// Does anyone know if this one is good, i like that its a 27" but wanna make sure i'm not paying to much for a bad product? Also i'm gonna be buying a new graphic card to go with my monitor so any suggestions on that too would be helpful. My budget for the graphics card is around 200 or maybe just a bit more.
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