best value for money PSU with 8-pin connector to CPU i5 4670k[overclocking imminent] ?

My system is this:
motherboard Asrock z87 Pro3
CPU Intel i5 4670k
Graphics card ATI 7850 HD
box Zalman Z11 Plus
2 Hard drives, one hybrid 1 tB & SATA3 2 TB

Unfortunately, my PSU only has got 4-pin connector with CPU and is a Deer 400 W.

So, I am searching for a bigger PSU with an 8-pin connector to CPU.

PS: My budget is 60 $ tops because I just bought an expensive system.

Thanks in advance.
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  2. werner123 said:
    Hi, i would recommend this one from XFX, its really worth spend the extra on it, never skimp on a PSU:

    EXact same PSU suggestion. :P

    Mines on promo at NCIX though. :P
  3. Thanks guys. I already ordered it after some digging. Seems very nice PSU. Many thanks to both of you.
  4. werner123 said:
    You're welcome, good luck.

    Will gs800w corsair work good with i54670k and gtx 7704gb gigabyte windforce?
  5. werner123 said:
    Hi, yes it will.

    Ok thanks..

    I5 4670k
    Gtx 770 4gb gigabyte windforce
    Asus z87 k intel
    8gb corsair ram
    800w psu
    Asus 20inch lcd

    How many fps can i get at ultra on
    Battlefield 3
    Crysis 3
    Gta 4
    Assassin creed 3
    Fifa 14

    And some future games like.
    Assassin creed 4
  6. werner123 said:
    You should be able to play all those games except Crysis 3 maxed out at decent FPS @1080p

    Crysis at 20fps ??
  7. werner123 said:
    No, not that low, guess you just gonna have to wait and see :)

    Which will give me more fps
    Asus matrix 7970 3gb ghz
    Gigabyte gtx770 4gb windforce
  8. werner123 said:
    The GTX 770 would be the faster card.

    Ok thanks

    Is it good build for gamming
  9. werner123 said:
    Yes indeed

    Thanks for answering my questions:)
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