after installing, i cant run the program cause it tells me it is incompatible! pls help! i tried changing the compatibility bu

i installed MW3 but i cant run it after because it says that it is not compatible. i really love this game pls help! i tried all the settings in the compatibility mode but nothing happens! thanks!
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  1. What are your PCs specs and what OS are you using?
  2. simon12 said:
    What are your PCs specs and what OS are you using?

    My PC Specs are:
    Dell Inspiron 14 3421
    3rd Gen Intel Core i3 @ 1.9GHZ
    Windows-8 SL 64-Bit OS
    500GB HDD Capacity
    4GB of RAM (3.97 Usable)
    Nvidia GEForce GT325M 1GB / Intel HD Graphics 4000

    thats my pc specs. it tried all the settings in compatibility mode but none of them worked. hope you can help me cause i really love this game. thanks in advance :(
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    I think tyou meen 625M for the graphics as 325M is to old to be built with a 3rd gen i3. You are close to the minimum to run the game and in the min. spec. it says Windows XP so I think maybe whilr running W8 its not enough. You could try updating your graphics card driver and make sure everything is running in higherst performance mode and not power saving.
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