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Dear All,

I am having a TV in my dining room connected to a Cable Operator's set-top-box, Now i purchased another tv for my bedroom which is connected to my PC. My little brother keeps sitting in the dining room with the Doremon & other disney stuffs.Now i want to watch different channels in my bedroom without disturbing him or without going for more set-top-boxes. Please suggest if i can connect my PC or my tv to that Box only. Wireless can be more better as i am
having a wireless Adsl2 Modem & a receiver.

Please suggest something.
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    Depending on your cable subscription level, you could get an ATSC/QAM TV Tuner card for your computer. For just basic cable any of the Hauppauge line that includes a ClearQAM tuner would for. For higher level subscriptions (where a set top box is required), look for a cablecard ready device like the Hauppauge WinTV-DCR-2650. This plus a cablecard, leased from your cable company (usually are $2/month), will give you all the channels your set top box gives you.

    Of course, all this depends on whether or not you have a cable outlet in your bedroom.

    -Wolf sends

    Edit: This cablecard solution also assumes you live in the US. Sorry about that.
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