Thermal Grease spreading difficulty.

Hello community!

I come here alot, i am building my first PC and want to make sure i dont touch anything wrong, since this is my whole-life savings on a 500$ PC, i am 13 and cannot afford to buy it again.

My problem is that i apply thermal paste to my CPU, put in the heatsink but my computer still gets ABSURD temperatures, i got scared and looked at the CPU again.

Apparentally, the thermal paste i had put had NOT been spread on either the CPU neither the heatsink, it was still in intact pea form.

I started wondering and searched google for solutions, no one answered me.

I found out that some pins my heatsink were not connected correctly to the motherboard (1155 stock intel cooler on a lga1155 mobo.)
I tried fixing the other pins in but they wouldnt fix in, if one fixed in another one goes off and i had alot of stress.
I thought that my case didnt have enough motherboard holders so i opened the other side of the case and tried pushing my mobo from there, still, no results, apparentally motherboard holders that are left hold it perfectly at the point to hold the heatsink.

Any experts, or people who have had this same problem, i beg you, please help me!

If you ask me: my mobo is an Asrock B75 PRO3-M LGA 1155, using the stock intel cooler, Artic MX2 thermal paste on the i5-3570k ivy bridge from intel.

Thank you for coming by, have a nice day.
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  1. What temperatures are you getting?

    Firstly, remove the intel cooler, then clean off all of the paste. Re apply a pea sized amount in the middle of the cpu. Then fit the cooler.

    The Intel push pins need to be twisted in the right direction before you push them through the holes and lock in, if you dont have them turned they will just pop out again as you say.

    PS. As you have a K model cpu, you should buy a better cooler anyway, as the stock cooler is junk and you dont want to overclock using it.
  2. Im having trouble understanding your position

    Your motherboard is held on place by "standoffs" and hold down screws. The standoffs are brass fittings which screw into the motherboard tray and "lift" the MoBo off the tray so that it doesn't short out. Hold down screws screw in thru holes in the MoBo and into the standoffs.

    By "standing off" the MoBo tray on the standoffs, it also allows enough room for the stick heatsink pins to penetrate thru the MoBo far enough to "catch".

    The Intel stock heat sink does not use thermal grease. It has a "thermal pad" preaffixed. Unless this pad is damaged from previous use, I would suggest using the pad and skipping the grease. With the case laying horizontally on its side, press each pin into place. First select any pin, press into place and then the NEXT pin you press in place should be the one directly opposite.
  3. Take everthing off and clean as mentioned above, basically start again.

    When applying the heatsink push the pin until you hear it engage, it almost clunks as it goes through the mobo.

    I would suggest doing alternate corners and then twist the top of the fixing to lock in place.

    Have a look at the cooler before fitting and it should have arrows on the heatsink fixings showing you which way locks it.

    Make sure they are all twisted open (the other way from the arrow) before fitting.
  4. remove the cooler, just twist and they should pop up. next align them by twisting left to right goung anti clockwise round the cooler. basically line them all up facing the same way. you should hear a slight snap as they slot into place.

    align the cooler with the motherboard and press down on the top of the fan bracket till your heat spreader makes contact with the cpu. if it diesnt fit. remove it and rotate it 90' and place it back down. when you make contact with the cpu rotate the whole cooler left and right slightly to work out any bubbles. as you rotate it you should feel more and more resistance as the paste spreads when your happy that its firmly in place rotate it into position and press down the retainer on each diagonal corner. it should snap into place if you keep the pressure evenly holding the cooler in place by pressing on the center.

    if it still wont lock down then either the brackets are warped or the motherboard is.
    if you want post a picture it may give a better idea.
    ah! beanoslim got there before me...
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