Asus g51vx screen flicker failure, tried many things without luck


Recently, the screen of my Asus g51vx laptop started failing. Many horizontal white lines, flashing colors, and 'ghosting' of the top of the screen near the middle. This happens in both linux, windows, and the initial boot up screen (though it's much worse in the graphic intensive OS's, a pure linux console is only modestly screwed up...until trying tmux, anyway). When I plug in an external monitor, that works fine, so it's not the drivers.

I swapped out both the screen and the lcd cable for new components, trying all combinations of old and new. No luck, though the screens seem to fail in slightly different ways.

One especially odd thing; after it has had time to cool down for while, the screen will work ok for about 30 minutes at which point it goes the usual kind of crazy.

So I'm not sure that this is worth saving. It could be the connector where the lcd cable hooks into the motherboard, but then why does it work for 30 minutes at first? This laptop has had problems overheating (it would shut itself down when it got too hot before I got a cooling mat), but it's not clear what that might be doing. Would a pin expanding due to heat lose or short a connection and cause these issues? It happens on both AC and battery power.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. check cooling fan of your cpu and GPU inside the motherboard,
    maybe its time to clean the dust inside.
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