How can i solve the three long beeps issue? help please!

I usually put my computer on hibernate over the night and power it up in the morning. But sometimes i hear three beeps than pause than three beeps again and so on. Other times it doesn't make any beeps sound and everything seems ok but nothing appears on the screen. So what i usually do is press the power button until it "shuts down" then start it again. and it works, but i don't want to do this every time, every day, and i don't know if its healthy for the computer.

My motherboard's name is AsRock 990Fx Extreme3. I checked the beep codes meaning on their website ( ) and the problem seems to be the "without memory" part.. I keep my memory on the 4th slot because the first slot is covered by my big fat cpu cooler.

So the question is: how do i get my computer to recognize the memory on the first try and not after pressing the power button until it shuts down and press it again..?


Is keeping doing this (because the system still resumes successfully from hibernate) healthy for the computer?
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  1. Hi,

    It is possible that your memory isn't totally compatible with your motherboard and that's why you are getting this kind of problems. Do you have multiple modules or single one?
    You should put one stick into first slot. Cooler won't affect your memory if it's only covered, not touching module.

    Best regards :)
  2. I own a single stick of memory, kingston hyperx 8gb 1600mhz, and i've placed it on the 4'th spot because i have a big cooler (arctic cooling a30) that covers up the first slot.. it doesn't touch it but it's not enough room left to place the stick. i don't think it's because of the compatibility because it used to work fine before with the amd fx-8350's stock cooler

    i just hoped there could be a way to make the computer check the 4th slot of memory first, i think that's the actual problem
    but then again i am no expert, although i have a little more knowledge than average.

    therefore i am waiting for a solution to this, if there isn't one i just use it like i mentioned before and hope it doesn't break:-s

    p.s another little question - if i get two sticks of paired memory (corsair vengeance comes to mind) and place them on the slot number 2 and 4 with 1 and 3 clear, will the beeping still continue?
  3. If slot 2 and 4 are same channel so it's basically same if you use both or only one of them. You can't force PC to check second channel first. Take that cooler out, put memory in first channel and put cooler back in. That's your only solution.
  4. So i took the fan down from the cpu cooler without removing the rest, seems that the memory fit exactly on the first slot! but unfortunately my computer kept making those sounds:(

    It might have something to do with the hibernation then, i guess.. idk
    But thanks for the fast response and for being helpful!:)
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    I have found the problem.. and the solution! Looks like in my bios my memory was somehow set to run on 2133mhz or something like that. i didn't change it or if i did, it was unintentionally.

    What i did was of course set the frequency back to 1600mhz and now the beeps stopped. If you guys have the same problem maybe somehow this happened to you too.
  6. It's great that you have found solution. It will be helpful. :)
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