"AMD Radeon HD 6450 1GB" vs "Nvidia Geforce GT 610 1GB"

I am getting a new computer shortly and am selling my old one to a friend. I would like to know which card is better; the Amd Raedon HD 6450 or the Nvidia Geforce GT 610. I plan to use my pc for gaming on low to medium settings.

Link to my new PC:

I don't know a lot about computers so please keep it simple, thanks.
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  1. What is your budget ?
  2. Hmm... battle of the turtles....

    See below for a review. The GT 610 is simply a renamed GT 520.
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    Overall the HD 6450 is a little bit better.
  4. They are both worthless for gaming in my opinion, unless you want to play at minimum settings with a very low res spend more. 6670 or 7750 are good depending on budget.
  5. seriously why don't you build your own pc in 550 dollars you can get a lot better than that check for austin evans,tek syndicate on youtube for budget gaming pc builds :)
  6. Infact gt 610 is slight faster than hd 6450, above bench posted by jaguarx is HD 6450 DDR5 one not ddr3,if we compare hd 6450 ddr3 to gt 610 - gt 610 is slight faster
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