Is this a good, cheap gaming monitor?

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  1. Your chosen monitor is good, but the viewing angles are limited, and its a TN panel monitor.

    Look at this monitor with IPS panel and full viewing angel and lots more. It has a 3.5mm jack for audio out in the back, though not mentioned.
  2. I actually just went thru this same drill, I have a 7870 card. I thought about the cheap Korean hi-def screens, thought about the nice Dell's, looked at the Asus including your choice which went on sale today (good buy IMHO). After a few days of research I decided that the Viewsonic was the way to go . Very similar monitor except for 27 inch.
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    As mentioned, I would get an IPS monitor.
    Here is a list op possibilities:,2980,2900,2750,2700,2600,2500,2460,2410,2400,2380,2360,2350,2340,2300&p=1&r=384002160,256001600,256001440,256001080,204801536,192001200,192001080

    Here is my selection:
    -$143.99, no rebate, free shipping
    -178 H and V viewing angle
    -Built-in Speakers
    -DVI, HDMI, and VGA inputs
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