Gigabyte 7950 3gb doesnt boot

So heres my problem, last month my 6970 decided to say its farewell (no beeps on startup, no image etc..), i sent it back to the shop as i was quite sure it wasnt my fault and they succesfuly returned me money today. To use my pc while i had no card, i was using borrowed sapphire vaporx 7950 which worked without any problem . Today i bought the gigabyte 7950 wf3, plugged it in and i get no beeps, no display, fans spin and hdd revs, also cpu fan are spinning, keyboard lights dont turn on and no windows sound. Im quite sure its the gfx problem again but to be sure, im asking you if there is any way to make it work. I tried bios switch and different 6/6+2 pins. The biggest problem is that i have p67 chipset with no onboard graphics output so i cant actually update bios etc. Do you think its just faulty gfx, or is there anything deeper going on that i dont know of? I just want to be sure that its just another badluck in my long history of previous gfx returns throughout my pcbuilding history.

msi p67-gd65
kingston 2x2gb grey edition 1600mhz
corsair tx650v2
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  1. Make sure that the graphics card is seated correctly(sometimes they seem like they are when they aren't). What gets me is the lack of keyboard lighting. Do the keyboard lights normally turn on at boot-up? Can you plug the keyboard into another computer to make sure it works? Graphics cards have built-in automation so it should be able to output video regardless of the BIOS settings or an outdated BIOS. Also, just make sure all of your connections are set up(card-to-monitor, power-to-card, etc.).
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