Will this power supply work for a little bit

So This will be my first build. I am currently using a Coolermaster Extreme Power Plus 500w psu. Could I use if for like a month at most with these parts http://pcpartpicker.com/user/blackhawks2013/saved/2odO and I also have an SSD, Hard drive, Cd-Rom, and a Geforce gt630 (Will be changing it). As I said before This will be for a short while. I'll be getting either Corsair 500m or 600m next. Thanks in advanced
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  1. werner123 said:
    Hi, yes it will be fine. As for the PSU you wanna get, rather go with this:


    Will my case be able to have all those cables in the back? It seems like a hell ton of cables...
  2. werner123 said:
    You can just tuck away the extra cables in the bottom of the HDD cage, it won't be in the way and you wont see it, that's what I'm doing.

    Ok thank you. Also, should I go with the Corsair 300r or Corsair 400r case.
  3. werner123 said:
    Well it depends if you really need the extra features, both are great at there respective budgets, so the choice is yours :)

    Have you had/use the 300r? I've heard alot of people saying that the build quality wasn't the greatest
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