Need help new build, case/fans

Hello guys, im currently buying a new rig, and so far i got everything but the case/cooler. i wanted to get a corsair c70 + an h100i but also i heard the fans that comes with that case aint that good so im thinking on replacing them with corsair air series, that case can handle many fans so i really dont know wich one would be the best set up.

i have
Asus Sabertooth z77
Corsair AX760i
Corsair Neutron 128gb ssd
WesterndDigital 1tb hdd x2
Corsair platinun ddr3 ram kit 8x4
LG blu ray burner
And some nztx blue leds lol

so i really want that c70 and the h100i but how many fans to get and were to put'em?

PD: I love corsair products lol thats why all the corsair stuff in it. never had a single issue with'em.
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  1. My new system in my sig is also a corsair case with the H100i, and I replaced all my fans with the corsair quiet series fans. As for which fans are good for you, it depends. Are you wanting max air flow for cooling, or are you looking to quiet things down a bit (that h100i can get noisy with the stock fans).
  2. A lot of people like noctua fans, but at $20 a fan (at least for the one I was thinking about), a 2 pack of corsair fans might be a better deal
  3. i want to keep it as quiet and cool as possible, its going to be right next to my bed, im ok with a little noise but, my currently pc its so loisy, using cooler masters old fans on it and its really annoying so yeah now i want a quiet one.
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    You can use Corsair Quiet Edition for the setup below.

    Here is the setup I would have:
    -2 or 4 120mm fans in the front for intake (one or two on each side of the HDD cages)
    -1 120/140mm fan for intake (optional, but will help bring in cool air, and push hot air up)
    -PSU mounted so that the fan will be touching the bottom the case (this will serve as an intake, and move air up)
    -120mm rear exhaust fan
    -2 or 4 x 120 mm radiator setup (you could add 2 fans for a push/pull setup)
  5. That depends somewhat on your case as well. Fractal r4 case is lined with sound dampening foam and I definitely hear the difference when I run it without the side panel
  6. thx cars12345 im going for that one.
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