Is a hybrid solid state drive worth it for storing music and videos?

I currently have my OS and the few games that I play on my SSD but I am thinking about getting a larger hard drive to replace my 500gb HDD that I have for storage with 2TBs or something like that. If I am just using this hard drive for video and music files is it worth it to go with a hybrid solid state drive or should I save myself the money and just get a regular HDD? I likely won't be running any programs off the HSSD except for maybe iTunes.
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    I've not noticed a difference running video/music from a HDD, when the OS and application lives on the SSD. Even across the network. Those type of files really don't care. The application ond OS, yes. Static files, not so much.

    I doubt you'd see a real difference - SSHD vs HDD.
  2. Since you already have an SSD boot drive, nope no point. SSHDs market is a bit niche.
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