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I have never built or even changed a graphics card or anything. My brother gave me a list of parts to get and says its no sweat to build it. I feel ok with building one, im rather handy. What worries me is installing the OS and updating all the componites and trouble shooting any issues. I know very little os the software side of PC's. this is the list he gave me. Any help would be great. Do i build one or buy one? if building one, where to get good parts at good price? if buying one, where? if these parts suck, plz point me in right direction.

Intel G860 3.0ghz dual core

MS1 H61m micro atx Lga1155 motherboard

g. value series 8gb (2x4gb) ddr3-133

HD seagate barracuda 1tb 7200 rpm

Radeon HD 7770 1gb

silverstone P508b microatx case

antec 350w atx 12v

i cant read what he wrote for DVD drive.
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    dvd drive = doesn't matter just pick one they are all relatively cheap and effective.
    g. value series 8gb (2x4gb) ddr3-1333 <---fixed

    Once you've installed your OS (assuming it's windows 7/8) it will download your drivers for you with plug and play assuming you have an internet connection.

    Your PC doesn't suck. It's a basic budget build that should do fine for you.

    Always build, it's more fun :P I prefer to use for my parts while occasionally using tigerdirect or amazon if they have a better deal.
  2. One more question, is this a good start if I want to upgrade later or is case limited?
  3. It's fairly limited on upgrade ability. You can add a faster processor, more RAM, but the graphics card won't upgrade unless you first upgraded the power supply. Your motherboard also doesn't allow cpu overclocking or RAM with frequencies greater than 1333Mhz. Your build is more of a use for a few years and then build a new one vs. upgrade a few pieces here and there. You can but it would be more effective to just build a new one.
  4. Is there anything in the build that I should change or upgrade now, such as power supply or gpu? Before I start ordering parts
  5. It depends on what you are willing to spend. The sky is the limit. Personally, to balance the build out I'd probably pick an i3 processor instead of the G860 but that will add $80-100 to the build.
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