Been a long time since I overclocked and have a couple questions. Intel i5-3570K new build

I am going to be using an AsRock Extreme 4 Z77 board with the i5-3570k chip. I had planned getting GSkil Ripjaws 2 x 4GB 1600 memory, but would I need faster memory like 1866 if I plan on OC'ing the CPU?

Can you OC the CPU without messing with the memory?

I will be using the Corsair 212 EVO for cooling.
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    DRAM freq doesn't matter as far as the CPU OC, not like the old days when both were ties to the FSB - with your CPU you OC via the multiplier (easiest way anyway, and DRAM just get the freq you want and use XMP to set it up - have the same setup and have run anywhere from 8GB of 1866 on up through it's current 32GB of 2400 (though NOT ALL 3570Ks can carry 2400--for DRAM should be fine with any freq from 1600-2133 in any amount - look for low CL on your DRAM like 1600/8 1866/9 2133/10 or better on the CL for best performance
  2. No.
    To a large extent, ram speed does not matter.

    Just leave everything on auto and gradually raise your multiplier.
    You will get a conservative stable oc.
    Yes, by fiddling with voltages.. etc you can go higher, but it does not seem worth it to me.
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