Windows 7 wont boot! BSOD no matter what

Hey, so first id like to get some possible issues out of the way.
so everything with my PC was fine, windows would boot, everything ran like it should when i was at my house a couple days ago, if i were to restart windows would boot no problem. but then when i moved my PC to a different house with different (USB) hardware and monitors, all of a sudden windows wont boot. not sure why, it says hardware/software could be the problem.

the only hardware i dont have would be a razer keyboard/mouse. 2 monitors, headset(audio/mic) , speakers, wireless adapter.

the only internal things ive changed is: ive got all my Ram sticks working now, so 3 more sticks functioning. and ive updated the bios from ver 10xx.rom to 2104.cap. the bios boots fine so no issue with that its just when windows tries to boot it blue screens, resets the computer, and then instead of booting again it asks me if i want to do start-up repair or try to start windows normally. start-up repair does nothing, tried many times. and i cant even system restore (i have like 10+ possible restore points, ive only tried 3.)
it wont let me boot from disk drive either, it seems like it starts to work, but then blue screens. i have a windows reformat disk or whatever its called. so im not sure why that wont work.

the HDD should be fine, there's no logical reason why it works 100% then because i went 10 miles it just stops working, all cables are fine.
and ive been reading forums, i just cant find something that apply's to my exact problem, so thats why im making my own post.

its not a virus, because, like i said above, it worked 100%, i could restart ect. and all of a sudden i cant.

personally i think it might be because of the bios reset, and/or the drivers that are unable to load on windows
since im missing that extra hardware i usually have.

when the computer is booting i get the Q-Code 64 for CPU DXE initialization, ive read alot of posts about what that is, and im not entirely sure since it seems to vary. im sure its something that's normal for booting though, it just seems to sit on that for longer than it used too. then i get code AE for legacy boot event, which ive seen is common before the error code i get after which is AA which it sits on after exiting bios, and starting windows til i restart. AA is reserved for ASL.

ill post pc specs just in-case the signature thing doesn't have them right.

Asus p9x79 Deluxe
Intel i-7 3930k
corsair H100i
Nvidia GTX 560 Ti


Thanks to anyone who helps! it will be very much appreciated!
if i left out anything important let me know and ill get on it!
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  1. I had this posted in the motherboard forum by accident, so to any mods, please don't remove this one, as i think this would be a better place for it, thanks!
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