HD 7970 GHZ Edition 3gb cannot max the FAR CRY 3 and Prototype 2 gameplay

I have a custom rig of the following;-

ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0

But my far cry 3 and prototype 2 framerate is very unstable. With medium setting and closing of the msaa, my framerate will have sudden drop from 120 to 35 or from 60 to 25. Kindly advise how can i fix this?

I have already downloaded the latest beta driver and catalasyt for my radeon card. Please Help me. Thanks.
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  1. i have the same card and tbh i am thinking its just a major waste of money all i get is display drivers have stopped responding which is why I am switching to nvidia
  2. But this is the rig that i have just bought over the pass few is practically impossible for me to sell it off and to repurchase a newer nvidia card. Please kindly advice anyone. Is there any solution for better frame rate and stability and smoothed game with the rig above??? Thanks in advance.
  3. It could be a CPU bottleneck, or you are just demanding too much.
    Sometimes a single high end card is not enough for absolute maximum settings.

    What is the monitor resolution?
  4. Monitor resolution is 1920x1080. Can you explain more about CPU bottleneck? I have try to run it with medium setting and with closing all vsync, msaa and other. But the framerate will still drop suddenly from 65 to 25 and sometimes to 17. The temp that i am recording is 69. Are there any other solution?

    I have searched this forum and most of the people say that the cpu fx8350 (4.0ghz) and asus motherboard m5a97 le r2.0 wont bottleneck my sapphire radeon. Can you suggest me any way that i can try to improve my frame rate? Thanks for the time you took to answer and help me.
  5. CPU bottleneck is when the CPU cannot feed the GPU data fast enough.

    I suggest getting an aftermarket cooler and try overclocking.
    What does MSI afterburner show for GPU usage during frame drops?

    Also, how is your CPU temperature? If it is too hot, it may be thermally throttling.
    Do you have anything in the background when running games?
  6. Sounds like CPU bottleneck for sure. Its not a bad CPU but not as good as even the cheaper i5's for gaming.
    How often does it dip down and is it just for a split second or does it stay slow for a while?
  7. Slammers,
    The frame drop just happened for a while. It will slow down like for a few minute or sometimes few second and then it will become normal frame rate back. This is mostly happened when eg i go to the village in far cry 3 and all of sudden the frame drop will happened. But overall it is ok and frame rate can maintain 60.

    I think i have changed my cpu cooler to aftermarket cooler. I am using blizzard t2 cooler. The temperature that i currently recording is 69 to 75. Is there any way for me to see the temperature during the gameplay? Any software can do so? As i normally alt tab out using the CCC to see my performance and temperature. I currently having trixx and ccc for the software and i am using frap to monitor my frame rate.

    By the way, i am using the elite atx 311 casing. Is the Casing the problem for it? Thanks for your kind help once again.
  8. others seem more knowledgeable.

    my 2 cents is that I had a 7870, and it could max farcry 3 with only the rarest stutter.
    then I upgraded to a 7950, and it still can, of course. A 7970 should have no issue....

    it's probably not the card.
  9. Berninicaco3,

    Does this mean that my cpu and motherboard is not good? Or does it means that it is overheating??? Can you hlep me??? Is there any way that i can do solve this? Anything that i can try before i bring back to the shop??? Thanks.
  10. I'd wait for what the others say. I've built 2 computers, dealt with what I had to deal with to make them work, and then didn't look back, just enjoyed them-- so I only know those select problems that I myself have had to learn about.

    I'm using an i7 3770k-- it's probably not a bottleneck.
    I just don't know anything about the FX8350.

    All I can say with assurance, is that my rig, with a 7870, could max farcry 3 on a single HD monitor with just occasional and brief drops in frame rate from the 60 I set it at. Some of those crazy crazy $600 graphics cards are being used for multiple monitors/ higher than 1080p resolution, unnecessarily high frame rates, or both-- or not being used for graphics at all (some computer programs run better on a gpu, i've been told by 2 people now)
    And now I have a 7950, and you have a 7970. Shouldn't be the gpu.

    I do know there's little excuse to set it at 120hz, so you'll save the card from getting quite so hot, if you just peg it at 60.

    If other people are saying it sounds like a cpu bottleneck, and that even an i5 could be better, then do some more research and look at your options.
    Microcenter for whatever reason, always always seems to have the cheapest prices on intel cpu's... I had family in baltimore buy my 3770k for me and mail it to iowa :)
  11. turn vsync on and back off, if that doesn't work run everything on your pc at stock speeds, and also download the profiles for farcry 3 from amd. also when you take everything back down to stock speed make sure you have the integrated graphics disabled in your bios disable all msaa to 0
  12. @ Boon888: You say your CPU is getting to 69 to 75 degrees, if that's centigrade that's your problem, the CPU is getting FAR too hot and you need to something about it URGENTLY.

    Think I know what you mean with FC3 and there is a fix, which may work with Prototype2 as well which is to cap the framerate.
    Before you start, load up the game, set it to the 'high' preset and disable the vsync options, also disable vsync in the drivers.
    Download and install Radeonpro.
    Start it and click on the 'profile' button to highlight it then the little green cross in the top bar to open a new profile.
    Navigate to the game executable (the DX11 one) and select it then go to the 'tweaks' tab.
    There click the 'dynamic frame control' box and set the framerate to about 45 to start with, no need to save, the profile will be applied automatically every time the game is started. Note, if the game dips below the capped framerate the stuttering will return and I selected 45 FPS just because that number works for my rig, yours may be able to run at a higher number.
    The game MAY seem to crash on startup, don't worry, just wait a few seconds and close the Uplay window that appears then click on the start button in the main FC3 screen that was behind it-my Steam copy no longer does this BTW.
    You can edit the Radeonpro profile just by opening the program, changes are saved/applied automatically. It also has a number of other very useful features, but I'll let you discover them for yourself ;).
    There will be a dropoff in busy villages/outposts.
    Lowering alpha to coverage can also help and I don't play with AA enabled, on a 22" 1080 screen the general visual improvement is not, to me, worth the framerate cost.
  13. Hi Coozie,
    69 to 75 degree are temp for my GPU. As for my cpu, i dun have any way of monitoring. When i load my company into bios mode, i saw that my temp there showing 60 degree to 65 degree. Is this normal? As for my GPU, when it is ilde, it is around 45 degree. I Just downloaded the HW monitor and this is the temp that it show. So are my cooler ok?? I had change the stocked fan to cooler master blizzard t2 for my cpu and my casing is already equipped with all the cooler master system. Any idea how i can lower my CPU temp? I dun think CPU temps should be so high right when idle or during bios?
  14. Physically check the CPU cooler fan is turning and the fan power lead is connected to the motherboards CPU cooler header (4 pin) rather than a normal 3 pin fan header.
    Could be the BIOS is just reporting the wrong temperature try using both Speedfan and Coretemp at the same time to check the idle (desktop) temperatures of the CPU.
    The GPU temperatures are fairly normal for a HD7970 under load but much too high for a idling system try using GPU-Z as a monitor, like Speedfan and Coretemp it can be left running at all times.
  15. Maybe your PSU is being pushed too hard? Or you could try making sure your case and heatsinks are dust free.
  16. Coozie,
    I checked and it is working. But now i use the hw monitor and everything that you recommended, all my temperature seems to go up till 79 degree. Inclusive of CPU and GPU. I think the main problem is still because my CPU temp is too high rite?

    What do you mean by my psu being pushed to hard? Sorry as i am kinda new to all this and i build this rig with recommendation from sales person and he told me that this will be the ideal gaming rig. The PSU i currently having is Cooler Master GX2 650W.
  17. Coozie,
    I mean the temp when i run the far cry 3 with medium setting and close all the msaa and everything. The temp of everything goes up till 79. What seems to be the problem. Do you have any idea? Thanks.
  18. 79c is awfully high for a fx8350...
    Coretemp should also show the cpu clockspeeds so you'd see if it is downclocking itself because of high temp. Though if you alt-tab out of the game to check it the cpu might be idling anyways at low clocks...
    you could use some stress tests or something else to put a load on it if it is idling... (prime95 or something like that)
  19. Yeah if your CPU is pushing 70's under load, it is pretty warm. Could be throttling
  20. Are they any way to fix this? Can anyone provide me what I should do in steps as I am kinda new in this.

    I have spend time googling and going through all the topic related to this. However, I still have no idea on what to do. I have monitor and donwload every possible monitoring.

    I have tweak the bios and everything. But the result is still the same. Is it my motherboard asus m5a97le r2.0 giving out the heat or the processor fx8350??

    Please help me. My rig is just 6 days old and I am really in dire need of help. Please guide me on what I should do and test next..
  21. Its the CPU making heat. Chances are the HSF is not mounted well.
    I have to get going to the airport so I cannot explain it right now sorry
  22. Purchase an inexpensive aftermarket cooler (aluminum should be sufficient) for your processor and mount it with a decent thermal paste. This will prevent the CPU from throttling. The GPU @ 80°C is OK.
  23. Did you assemble the pc yourself? If you did you should try remounting the heatsink, even the stock heatsink should keep it cool enough when properly mounted... You'll need new thermal paste though. Clean the old paste from the heatsink and cpu with some flint free cloth or coffee filter using isopropyl alcohol (IPA), apply the new paste (follow the paste makers instructions), and mount it back on...

    You also need decent airflow through the case. How many case fans are there and which way are they blowing?
  24. @ Boon888: Do this:
    Shut down the computer and wait for a slow count of 30.
    Restart the computer.
    Start the monitoring programs you have installed and write down the temperatures they report.
    Leave the system idling, with just the monitoring software running for 10 minuets then write down the temperatures again.
    Post the results.
  25. @kari,
    i did not assemble the pc myself. The technician in the shop that i bought my pc assemble everything for me. I will send my pc to them back tomorrow. In my chassis which is Elite 311 plus, i i have two fan in the chassis. One is sucking in the air from the front and another one is exhausting the air from the rear. As for my cpu cooler, i have blizzard t2 cooler.

    Alrite, i will do it today once i am back in my home from work. Then i will post the temperature again.

    Alrite, will look into the option when i send it back to the shop. Thanks for the advice.

    Ok. Thanks. Hope that i can get your guide soon. Thanks a lot.
  26. @coozie,
    As you instructed, i monitor them using the CPUID HW Monitor, The temperature under the FX-8350 in idle mode is 42 to 45 Celcius. I notice that my power package under the FX-8350 is jumping non-stop. From 14.60w it can jump to 42.80w and then jump to any jump to any random watt but not more than 50 .Does this mean i have a faulty PSU and this cause my FX-8350 temp to increase?

    Meanwhile as for my motherboard temp, the temp is between 55-65 .

    As for my GPU, the idle temp is 44-45. is this normal??

    Once i start opening my far cry, the motherboard temp will rise until 70celcius (minimum), and meanwhile for my FX 8350 it will rise to around 70-76. The GPU will go around 73celcius. And among all of that, is still the FX-8350 watt is jumping around like crazy.

    So do this mean that my PSU is at fault? or my cpu cooler blizzard t2 is faulty? or both?? Sorry for the noob question and thanks for spending time to help me.
  27. Best answer
    The GPU and motherboard temperatures seem ok.
    The CPU however is NOT ok.
    This is a store bought or 'professionally' assembled unit so I'm not going to suggest anything that is likely to further compromise the warranty.
    Look here:
    At the bottom are some small photos. Second from left shows the AMD hold down bracket/spring, to the right of the split silver strip you can see a black plastic lever, with your system powered off and the power cord removed, take off the side panel and find this lever, it will be on the side of the cooler and should be locked in the down position, if it is not locked down...well, lock it down and retest.
    If this does not cure the problem, return the system to the supplier/tech.
  28. @coozie7,
    Thanks. Will try that out. Thanks for the help and advice. Really appreciate your help and everyone that is trying to teach me how to fix my problem. Million thanks to all of you.
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