Will this components get a high fps in most games especially minecraft with fps above 200?

Hi guys,i would like to ask u guys will my com spec below can get a 200+fps in minecraft with optifine and 50+ in bf3?
here it is:
intel core i5 3330
gpu:sapphire radeon hd 7790 oc 1gb ddr5
ram:i want a 2x4 gb ram with a price below $100 with a great performance thanks :D ( i was thinking of going with kingston hyper x 2x4 ram )
motherboard:$100 below recommen 1 plz im new
dvd reader:no need blue ray just a standard 1 with A VERY VERY VERY cheap price.
monitor:samsung syncmaster s19b150 1366x768
harddrive:1tb western digital
os:windows 7 home premium 64 bit
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  1. Budget?
  2. U can help me choose a rm 2100 maximum budget pc spec i would appreciate it a lot thx!
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