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Hi guys,

My video card recently went kaput and I was looking for a replacement. I was looking for something in the region of the 670 or the 7970 but ended up getting a 690 simply for it being only £30 more than both of them (good deal from seller), and my broken card as part of the bargain (out of warranty, couldn't repair it if I tried).

I've never done SLI before, i'm told that the 680 SLI or 670 SLI can prove a match for the 690 but my inexperience with SLI plus the tempting price tag meant I walked out with this instead. It's all ready made, none of the bridge stuff.

Now, here's my question. I have an Antec Neopower 650w PSU:

It has 3 12v rails at 19A each and meets the minimum recommended wattage. I think that's enough for a 690? However, it has no 8-pin connectors, only 6.

Until I am able to obtain a new PSU, would I be able to get away with using 6-pin to 8-pin converters, or molex to 8-pin converters? Or is it not worth risking and I should leave the card out and immediately try for a new supply?

Thank you for your time.
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  1. The min is 650 on the power supply wouldnt it be wise to replace it with the correct connectors? I know we all get excited when we get our toys I do lol but I wouldnt want to chance it myself since you probably paid a small mint for the card to begine with hope this helps.
  2. I'd use one of each just to help ensure it's balanced out a little.
    - You cannot damage the card by not supplying enough power to it.

    If the PSU gets overloaded it'll just shut down.
  3. Oh, i'm utterly dying to use it! But I didn't want to detonate my computer as a consequence.

    I wasn't expecting to come home with something like this, so it's kind of created a problem of it's own. I'll get a new supply anyway, but was hoping to get by on this one for a few days (being on a computer with integrated graphics as a gamer is murder!).

    If using it that way is OK, Tabris, i'll give it a go. As long as there's not a risk of damaging my components and the PSU will just shutdown as you say.

    Thank you both.
  4. Tabris is right from what I understand but in all means its better to have more then enough then just enough to power your system at all the times say you build a pc it needs 450 watts all the time you have just 450 watts so this system is going to run 100 percent of the time using 100 percent of your power its better to have just enough more le way to compensate for power draws or anything you dont run your car at 120 mph all day long it cant do it for a short time yes but if you try to run it full blown all the time eventually it will fail is all I am saying good luck with your build enjoy and hope this helps you.
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